Beat the Microbead! Children's makeup without microplastics

Beat the Microbead! Kinder make-up zonder microplastics

Did you know that many cosmetics and personal care products contain microplastics? Unfortunately, this also applies to many children's make-up. This is where we at TOOT! not happy! These small particles of plastic are harmful to nature, to us and our children. The annoying thing is that you cannot see the particles, especially with the naked eye. These microplastics end up in the sewer unnoticed and then wander straight into the ocean. Here they become part of the great plastic soup. Plastic particles are not biodegradable and therefore persist. Therefore no microplastics in TOOT! products.

The Plastic Soup Foundation has been running the Beat the Microbead campaign for years to prevent microplastics from cosmetics ending up in the environment and our own living environment and we at TOOT! we wholeheartedly agree with this.
We are therefore very proud that we as TOOT! recently received the certificate 'Zero Plastic Inside' from the Plastic Soup Foundation 🥳.

Look for the zero

The products of TOOT! are provided with the 'Zero Plastic Inside' certificate. This TOO! Zero plastic inside means that our products are guaranteed to be 100% free of ingredients that contain microplastics. A nice idea, right? Do you want to know whether the other spreads you use for your kids or yourself are also free of nasty plastic particles? Download the Beat the Microbead app from the Plastic Soup Foundation; scan the ingredient list of your product with the app et voilà.....a green screen means that the product does not contain any nasty microplastics and you can therefore continue to use it with confidence.

For all products from TOOT! so applies.... a screen as green as 🐢💚 and that makes us happy!

Children's make-up without harmful ingredients

We think it is important that children can experiment carefree and we like to give parents a reassured feeling. That's why all products from TOOT! natural, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without gluten or microplastics. With TOO! parents can give their children responsible children's make-up as a gift with peace of mind and a lot of fun!

TOOT for Joy, not for nasties!

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