What if your daughter asks for makeup?

Karlijn Vlasblom en dochter met TOOT!

Your daughter asks for make-up, now what?

You're standing in front of the mirror making up and then you suddenly hear...."Mommy, can I also make up?"......SWALLOW 😳 This first happened to me 2,5 years ago.

Various thoughts flash through your head: "Is that necessary?", "(Children's) make-up is full of nasty ingredients, I don't want to give that", "From what age can you let children play with make-up?" etc.

Of course, children don't need makeup at all; they are already beautiful as they are. At the same time, as a mother of 3 children, like all other mothers, I know that experimenting, discovering yourself and learning to express yourself is part of growing up and that getting space for this is extremely important for the development of self-confidence. And how nice is it to give your daughter a small gift that will make her very happy!

After my daughter Sterre asked this question 2.5 years ago, I started looking for real, high-quality, children's make-up without misery. So no 'Chinese rubbish'. Unfortunately I came home empty handed. Only adult makeup or children's makeup full of nasty ingredients 🤷 ♀️. I really didn't want to give that.

Natural Children's Make-up: Good for you!

And so TOOT! born. TOO! stands for the expressive, positive sound of a horn as an expression of fun and a nod to 'good for you toot'. The products of TOOT! are all gifts especially for children. Developed for sensitive children's skin and with cheerful prints and colors that make children happy.

After a long search I ended up with the best experts in Italy. Together we have developed the children's make-up formulas and products from TOOT with great care! developed with as few ingredients as possible and only ingredients that are suitable for sensitive (children's) skin. Natural, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without gluten.

With TOO! parents can finally give their children responsible children's make-up as a gift with peace of mind. That's pushing the mirror! 😊

Have fun giving!


Signature Karlijn Vlasblom

Founder of TOOT!

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